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 Scope of  Service

1. Equipment & Machinery Manufacturing


Items of Manufacturing Scope:

1 Tea, Coffee or Herbs Extraction System

2 Blending & Processing System

3 Tubular & Plate Type Pasteurizer

4 Automated CIP System

5 Tunnel Warmer & Cooler

6 Sleeve Labelling Machine

7 Wrap Around Case Packer & Shrink Wrapper

8 Palletizer & Depalletizer

9 Conveyers (Top Chain, Air conveyor, Roller type, etc.)

10 Automation System

2. Complete Production System Engineering


For over the past 40 years, TBC had gradually grown up from an machinery trading firm into a technical service company which has provided its customer import-oriented with complete multi-phasic technical services including site installation work, test running of production machinery system as well as after-sales technical service. TBC today has further grown into a more capable technological company which can handle wider scope of business including design of a complete production system as well as the manufacturing of machinery components. Our system engineering services of a complete production line are characterized by the following special features:



  • Customized Design                                            

According to the specific requirement and desired condition of each individual customer, TBC will work out the most economical, efficient and reasonable production system design to make the customer attain the maximum profit out of his investment. 


  • Provision of Single but Responsible Access Channel for Guaranteed Multi-Phasic Complete Technical Service

From the initial planning, designing, manufacturing of the facilities, site installation, test running and up to after-sales service, TBC offers a full range of technical services to our customers.

  • Capable & Processional Technical Task Force Group

TBC owns a large number of experienced professionals, R&D specialists, design engineers and manufacturing technicians to provide customers with complete and multi-phasic technical services.

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