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Taiwan Benefit Company (also known as TBC) was first established in 1981 after the reorganization of the Food and Chemical Engineering department of its parent company, Taiwan Development Group (which was established in 1963). The purpose for this separation was to upgrade and enhance the standard technical and engineering service capabilities of the company, as well as to broaden its business scope to support the ever-growing demand of the local industry. In total, TBC has more than 40 plus years of experience in the food and chemical industry.


  In the early stage of establishment, TBC succeeded all agency business formerly handled under TDG. TBC also started introducing improved and more efficient automated food processing systems for well-known European, American, and Japanese industrial customers. At the same time, the business was expanded to include packaging machineries and the trading of raw food materials and industrial chemicals. This expansion was done to provide domestic food, beverage, dairy, and chemical industrial customers with professional technical services.


  For more than two decades now, TBC has partnered with many well-known top manufacturing firms and technical and engineering companies in undertaking engineering design, installation, equipment supply and turnkey projects. This has not only helped TBC build up capabilities in plant installation, test running and technical sales support services, but TBC also gained valuable field experiences and upgraded the company's technical standard.


  Furthermore, TBC recruited many high caliber sales personnel and well-trained technical personnel from various professions which resulted in the formation of a competent and efficient technical service task force. By continuously carrying out research and development exercises and extending its business to a broader range, TBC was able to be reformed into a more technically oriented company from a purely trade oriented firm. By the present day, TBC has stepped into a new range of businesses in which TBC is requested to design, fabricate, and supply complete processing and packaging production lines for the food and beverage for the whole world.


  Today, TBC has built up and owned its core technology for the design and integration of a completely automated food processing and packaging system. Among local industrial customers, TBC is well known and has a stellar reputation.


  In 2001, TBC established a subsidiary company, Taiwan Benefit (Suzhou) Co., Ltd based in the Suzhou Industrial Park, to support the huge market in Mainland China. In that same year, TBC was approved for and awarded ISO 9001 certification. In 2004, TBC started the process of listing its stock in the local public stock market exchange. Despite all these successes, TBC will continue to strive to grow its core competencies. TBC believes that the genuine key to the success of this company lies within the spirit and compassion of our employees. Through them, TBC is able to bring to our customers outstanding knowledge, support, and products.

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